Five Top Reasons To Dry Your Regular Laundry On A Line

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Posted on March 19 2018

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As cashmere lovers we at I Love Cashmere have previously looked at the best practices for drying your cashmere but what about drying the rest of your laundry? Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should dry line your regular laundry.

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1.  Your items last longer:

Perhaps the best reason of all is helping your clothes and towels etc. last much longer. If given the option why would you choose to do anything else. Whilst machine drying might make your clothes softer, it is also making them weaker. All that lint that is collecting in your dryer is bits of your clothing being milled away weakening the fabric. This leads to thinner fabrics which quickly develop an undesirable look that is hard to reverse. The high pressure environment of the tumble dryer can put stress marks and stains on the clothing from heavy items like zips and buttons. There is also more chance of it going horribly wrong, set the temperature too high and you can do irreversible damage through shrinkage.

2.  It saves you money:

Few things in life remain free, but hopefully wherever you are the air is free, the sun is free and the wind is free. Make the most of these resources and put them to good work on your clothes. The average cost of running a tumble dryer in the UK is £85 a year. There is also the initial set up cost, a tumble dryer will cost hundreds of pounds, a clothes line however is a few well spent pounds.

3   It enhances natural fresh smells:

The fresh clean smell of the great outdoors can be a much more inviting smell than any artificial one found in a bottle. Yet again that fresh air is saving you money and helping your laundry.

4.  It's better for the environment:

So as we've mentioned you're saving electricity, good. Next you're saving on chemicals, great. Use some of that natural wind energy to rustle your clothes dry. Or let the sun's solar energy gently warm up your laundry and get it all dry in no time. No need for added fabric softener here as nature is kindest to your clothes so they are simply not needed.

5.  It's better for you:

There is definitely something to be said for hanging your clothes up yourself outside. That little bit of extra exercise, that moment longer spent outdoors all helps to improve your general state of health and happiness. You're also not adding an extra layer of chemicals to your clothing, which can cause irritation to some with allergies or sensitive skin.


Make sure you shake your clothes lose before you hang them. This help get rid of the creases and minimize wrinkles before ironing.

To avoid peg marks hang shirt from the hem.

Turn dark colour clothing inside out in bright sunlight to avoid the sun lightening the colour.

Bright breezy days are the best for line drying, so as long as its not raining the clothes will dry.

If you want help with the cleaning and live in Essex, you can use a premium home cleaning service like Maid My Home.



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