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Posted on March 26 2018

lilac cashmere poncho
cap sleeved cashmere top

If you say "cashmere" what words come into your mind? Soft, luxurious, cosy, expensive, winter, sweaters and jumpers may have popped up, but it is unlikely that words like summer, sun and vest tops did. This has more to do with traditional designs, styles and habits than the fabulous and unique qualities that products made from good quality cashmere have. In fact cashmere clothing should be an essential in any fashionable and stylish spring and summer wardrobe.

Cashmere is a bit of an oxymoron. Warm yet cool, soft although durable, classy and still on-trend, understated yet distinctive and so on. It is much loved because of such unique properties.

Think about the qualities of cashmere for a moment. A 2 ply cashmere garment is very light in weight whilst allowing the skin to breathe, and unusually keeps the body warm in the cold weather but importantly does not overheat it in warmer climates. It is also very practical to travel with it as does not crease easily and any creases that may appear from being squashed up when packed will quickly drop out. Quite importantly cashmere is gentle on the skin not just because it is soft, but because it rarely causes skin to itch. Even people with eczema and psoriasis seem to be able to wear cashmere where other wool types are definitely a no-no.

A light cashmere cardigan to slip on when a breeze is about or the afternoon sun has disappeared is just a delight. For a sportier look a sleeveless cashmere hoody over a t-shirt is perfect.

For those in-between days, that abound in spring time a full sleeved cashmere hoody can fit the bill very comfortably. Find a zip up version that can easily be done up or left open, or even removed if necessary then you'll be prepared for most eventualities.

A cashmere tank top, vest top or slipover works well for both men and women men's cashmere slipoveron those days when the weather is being typically British, going from cool to warm to cool again, in the space of a few hours. These can work well over a short sleeve top like a t shirt or a full sleeve shirt.

For sultry days or evenings out a lightweight sleeveless cashmere vest or halter neck top teamed with cropped trousers, a skirt or shorts will look and feel sublime.

Of course there are also stylish pashminas which drape beautifully around the pashmina shawl in pinkshoulders and enhance any female's outfit. Pashminas are ideal to take on a cruising holiday and of course to any warm climate with the occasional nip in the air!

Whilst a jumper is not a desirable style of garment to be wearing in a warmer climate there are now many alternative styles of tops available in cashmere. Pop on a lightweight cashmere poncho over a cashmere and cotton blended t shirt when the temperature drops in the evening to make a stylish and elegant statement. cashmere and silk ponchoYou can also find ponchos blended with cashmere and silk and/or cotton that are delightful for summer climates.

Whatever the weather just choose your style and ensure you buy the best quality cashmere you can afford.

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