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Cashmere Colours

We bring you a fabulous variety of colour choices to suit different skin tones, wardrobes and styles. Each of our exquisite yarn colours has its own special feel and "personality." The colours are described below to try and help you, as we know that computer monitors vary in how colours are displayed.

If you like a colour in a particular style may we suggest that you find the same colour in another style, as photos may vary slightly, some showing up slightly darker or lighter. If all else fails feel free to contact us and ask!


baby pinkBaby Pink
This multi toned pink cashmere yarn displays very light and medium shades of pink to give an overall exquisite soft pink hue. For some examples see our mock turtle neck jumper, women's ribbed vest top and pink v neck cashmere cardigan.
seashell pinkSeashell Pink
This is a plain yarn and is a beautiful bright yet soft pink with overtones of coral as the name implies.  Currently available in our men's slipovers and plain V neck sweaters.

dusky pinkDusky Pink
This is a lovely soft-mid tone pink slightly deeper than our baby pink. It is available in our accessories, luxury cable hat, gloves and scarf plus our longer length ladies V neck cardigan and zip up cardigan.

carnation pinkCarnation Pink
This is a distinctive and pretty medium toned pink. It is available in our Pasha Collections as a poncho and as a hoody.

ballerina pinkBallerina Pink
This is a gentle and soft pale pink. It is available in our women's 4 button V neck cardigans.

This is a plain yarn and is a beautiful deep deep pink.  Currently available in our ladies rolled edge cashmere cardigans and cushion covers.

A lively, captivating and very pretty shade of pink cashmere. Ladies can pop our pink vest top over a blouse, or wear it alone when the weather is warm. Alternatively look simply gorgeous in our very lightweight silk and cashmere blend ballet wrap.

This rich colour produces a shade of burgundy for the discerning. It is a true classic. This colour can be found as a women's striped cashmere sweater and as a men's cashmere slipover amongst others.

This is a stylish and contemporary pale brown plain yarn. It is available in our men's polo neck jumpers.

soft sandSoft Sand
This is a plain yarn in a soft shade of sand, as the name implies. You can see this in our ladies shawl collar cardigan.

This is a plain yarn in a traditional camel colour. For examples please see our men's zip up cardigan, men's cashmere hoodies and polo shirt.
This is a twisted yarn in shades of camel producing a rich tone. For examples please see our ladies round neck vest top and luxury scarf with tassels. It can also be found in our gloves and hats.
This is a plain yarn producing a rich mustard gold tone. For examples please see our men's sleeveless cashmere cardigan and men's cashmere slipover.

pale greenPale Green
This is a single tone gentle, restful shade of green cashmere. This can be seen on our scoop neck women's green cashmere jumper and classic v neck jumper.

tural greenRural Green
This is a twisted yarn with shades of green, brown and yellows producing a rich deep green.  Currently available in our men's slipovers and men's zip up cardigan.
light oliveLight Olive
A multi toned cashmere yarn, with delicious lemony green tones through to earthy darker greens resulting in a gentle shade of olive green. Looks great with shades of brown and yellows. Our women's polo neck sweater looks wonderful in this colour as does our ladies crew neck jumper.
greenGreen (2/28nm in our best quality yarn)
A single shade of green giving a medium tone. It looks a treat with browns, blacks and grays. Our women's ruched neck green cashmere jumper and classy V neck cashmere jumper are available in this colour.
This is a plain yarn in a lovely ivory cream shade which is soft and gentle. It will complement most female's tops and dresses when worn as a cashmere cardigan and makes a delightful jumper
This is a plain yarn in a beautiful creamy shade. It is available in our hats and scarves and also as an option in our cushion covers.
silver greySilver Grey
This is a twisted yarn in shades of grey producing a soft silver grey colour. For examples please see our ladies v neck cardigans, cashmere zip up cardigans, luxury scarf with tassels.

With shades of light and darkest grey the overall effect of this colour is a very dark grey. It is easy to wear and looks particularly great teamed with black jeans. Our men's hoody will give you an idea, as will our ladies rolled edge cardigan.
This is a deep dark black cashmere that looks bewitching, and feels and drapes elegantly. Dress it up or down and it will make you feel like a million dollars! Our men's black cashmere hoody looks sporty and feels light and soft.
With multi tones of grey and brown shades this looks scrumptious with blue or black jeans. You can find it in our women's cashmere hoodies and also our men's cashmere hoodies plus various other men's items.
This plain brown cashmere colour is deep, rich, enticing and of course soft, like only cashmere can be. Available in our men's cashmere slipover, men's hoody and women's V neck cardigan amongst other garments.
This is multi-toned with delectable shades of cream and soft brown. Garments made from this are versatile, teaming up nicely with many other colours. It is available as a men's cashmere slipover (tank top) and a ladies classic V neck cashmere jumper to mention a couple of garments.
red admiralRed Admiral
A classically beautiful red cashmere yarn, that looks rich and vibrant, and will hopefully make you feel likewise! You can find a classic v neck jumper and a women's ruched neck cashmere jumper amongst other items to choose from.
This has rich deep shades of purple - hence the name! This is available in our women's cashmere gloves. Sold out.

This multi-toned colour gives an alluringly deep, rich browny red colour. You can find this colour in our women's hoodies and our luxury men's cashmere sleeveless top with a diamond pattern amongst other items.
This yarn displays shades of brown and orange, which results in an attractive terracotta colour. Our women's cashmere polo neck jumper is one item you can find in this colour. Our round neck ladies cashmere jumper is also available in terracotta with a mustard stripe in the neck line. You can also find this colour in our women's ruched neck jumper.
soft peachSoft Peach
This plain yarn produces a delightful soft coral peach colour. Our women's ruched neck jumper is one item you can find in this colour. It is also in the ladies v neck stripey jumper.
A plain colour in a pretty shade of lilac that is medium toned. This colour looks great with dark blues and black. Our women's V neck cashmere jumper is just one item in this colour.
mariner blueMariner Blue
A single colour results in the most charming rich dark navy blue cashmere. It reflects light beautifully, and garments look stunning in it. This is a popular colour for both men and women and can be found in our men's polo neck cashmere sweater and also in the women's rolled edge cashmere cardigans.This is very similar to navy blue.

light ashLIght Ash
This is a plain yarn in the softest of greys. You can currently find this in our women's cashmere ponchos.

duck eggDuck Egg
This is a lovely plain yarn in a mid shade duck egg blue. Please see our ladies rolled edge cardigans and men's v neck sweaters
baby blueBaby Blue
This is a multi toned blue cashmere yarn producing a simply adorable very soft blue. An example of this is shown in our versatile blue cashmere ballet wrap.
slate blueSlate Blue
This is a bold, bright and beautiful shade of blue for those in the mood for something glamorous. Please see our women's lightly ruched neck blue cashmere jumpers or ballet style cardigan.
chambray blueChambray
This is a multi toned cashmere yarn varying from pale blue to medium dark blue, resulting in a fetching shade of medium blue. It is available in our men's blue cashmere polo neck sweater and a women's cashmere cardigan with rolled edge trim plus a range of other tops.
cornflower blueCornflower Blue
This popular plain cashmere yarn is an eye catching "sunny days" type of blue! Our men's cornflower blue cashmere sweater looks fresh in this breezy colour.

crocus blueCrocus Blue
A stunning blue with a gentle over tone of purple. Available in our ladies rolled edge cardigans and men's cashmere polo shirt.

navy blueNavy Blue
This is a typical navy blue coloured yarn. It is available in our cashmere hats and scarves and various tops.





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