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At I Love Cashmere we are passionate about cashmere and as such are dedicated to making quality cashmere clothing that you will love all year long. We have been trading online since 2008.

We understand our cashmere as we wear it regularly. We do not want to wear bad quality cashmere, and we do not want our customers to wear it either. (We've sampled a lot so we know the difference.) Our cashmere is certainly not the cheapest you will find and nor do we wish it to be. We use top quality yarns and our garments are fully fashioned and hand finished to provide a first class garment for you to enjoy.

Pure Cashmere Poncho

We treat our customers the way we like to be treated - in a helpful way - so if you are uncertain of anything please ask us. If there is something you would like but it is not available in your size please contact us and we will let you know when our next delivery for that garment is due in.

About Our Cashmere Yarn:

Our cashmere tops are made from fabulous quality cashmere yarn which is sourced from an international company who guarantee the authenticity and quality of all their cashmere yarn. They are renowned in the trade for providing superb yarns that offer all the qualities you would expect from the best cashmere, in particular exceptional cashmere yarnsdurability and remarkably little pilling (bobbles). They are fully accredited by the DWI as a Premium Quality Cashmere Spinner. DWI is recognised by cashmere manufacturers worldwide as the pioneer of the IWTO Cashmere Test, one of the most rigorous in the industry. Basically this means that all their cashmere yarn is certified as pure, and whilst costing more than regular yarn, means that we are able to provide our customers with clothes made from a truly excellent product.

The spinners are also certified to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The Oeko-Tex system assures that textiles which have been tested successfully and awarded a certificate are free of concentrations of harmful substances which are detrimental to health and the environment.

This yarn is pure cashmere from goats raised in Inner Mongolia. Cashmere from this region is recognised as the world's most luxurious and coveted natural fibre.

Our cashmere yarn is made from the highest grade of fibres. Cashmere is a pure product, with unique properties offering exceptional warmth, lightness, softness and durability combined with a lustre of colour that only cashmere from this region can attain.

About Our Cashmere Manufacturing:

Our garments are all made to a high standard by family managed businesses in Kathmandu, Nepal where the employees enjoy good working and living conditions and are well paid with holidays etc. The spacious office type rooms where our garments are knitted are light and airy, with lovely views from the many windows! The Nepalese people making our garments are warm and friendly, smartly dressed and the managers speak very good English.

The manufacturing of cashmere clothing is a specialist business, so we choose to work with skilled people who understand the special properties of this wonderful yarn. As you will appreciate our cashmere yarn is very expensive and we do not want a lot of wastage due to incompetence.

Nepal is of course home to the highest mountain on the planet - Mount Everest, as well as the highly regarded Gurkhas whose bravery and tenacity is beyond dispute.

About Pasha Our Cashmere Goat:

Pasha Our Cashmere GoatThis water colour painting is of the cashmere goat we call Pasha, that we named our Pasha Collections after. We commissioned artist Denise Laurent to create this. It was decided that we needed to have our own artistic version of a real cashmere goat - as it became apparent that some people do not know where cashmere comes from. We've heard interesting takes on this over the years - including that cashmere comes from a posh sheep!

There is a little artistic license used in the painting as the actual goats are not quite so colourful in reality, varying from white to shades of brown rather than blue and gold as displayed in our painting! However the gold is there because cashmere is also known as "soft gold" and the blue is representative of the cold and icy conditions they live in. Luckily in the spring time the goats coat starts to moult so we can utilise the fabulous undercoat they no longer need.




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