Tops To Suit Pear Shapes

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Posted on June 17 2016

silk and cashmere ballet wrap

Pear shaped ladies are those with bigger hips than bust. Their tops should not end in the hips because they will draw unnecessary attention to this area. These tops should be well fitting and finish at the top of the hips to emphasize the waist. Layering on the top half creates visual interest drawing the eyes upwards. silk and cashmere tie wrap

Layering the garments add visual interests to one's torso. As a layer, rear shaped people should wear longer length camisoles underneath knitted tops. One of best tops for these types of ladies is strapless tops. halter neck cashmere topThey can also wear spaghetti straps and embellished strappy tops to show off their arms and shoulders.

Puffy sleeves on the tops can also look good. A tunic top also works well when it is fitting properly, as it gives a proper elongating line thus camouflaging everything underneath. This style also shows off the upper body making them appear taller and leaner. They can also choose tops with beautiful patterns or textures which will draw attention to the upper body.

Their jumpers could be striped so as to balance the broader hips. striped cashmere jumperThese ladies shoulders could benefit from subtle shoulder pads, and cap sleeves will also look good. Tops that have a wide (scoop) neck also help to balance broader hips. They should also choose tops with an eye catching neckline to highlight the neck and shoulders. At the same time they may also suit boat-neck, ruffles and ruches which shift the attention of their outfit up top. Their tops may be a V-neck to elongate the neck thus ruched neck topdrawing attention to a slim midsection. The length of their tops should be above or below the hipbone or past the thigh area. Their tops should be waist defining knit tops, shirts and blouses to enhance this area and above and detract from the hip area of the body.

Colour has a role to play in helping to focus the attention on the top half of the body and by choosing to wear a light or bright colour as a top will help to achieve this. So if you are a pear shape don’t always select a black or navy top, make sure you try a soft toned light colour like cream, baby pink or blue or alternatively a vibrant bright colour like a red, turquoise or emerald, all according to your mood, occasion and skin-tone of course!

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