Tips on Dressing For Different Activities and Seasons

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Posted on June 17 2016

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Whether you're going for a walk on a cold winter’s day, going to work or attending a formal occasion, it is important to dress appropriately. You wouldn't want to be shivering all the way home or feel under-dressed at a gathering. To help you choose the best clothes to wear for different activities and weather conditions consider the following:



Whatever your age you want to look smart, elegant and fashionable at a social event so it is important to wear clothes that are correct for the occasion you are attending as it will help you feel at ease. Looking fashionable does not mean you have to wear the brightest trendy colour, the shortest length skirt, giant polka dots or whatever the latest fashion may be, it is about taking elements of fashion and finding something suitable for you.

It could be that the colour emerald green is on trend but although you like the colour a dress or shirt in this colour does not suit you. However you may be able to accessorise using that colour, or find a garment with only a small amount of that colour in the patterning. For a man a tie with this bold colour could work whereas a shirt may be too much. Women may find colourful jewellery easier to use for accessorising.
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If you are attending a business meeting, make sure to purchase a formal suit, jacket or dress. Whilst these are unlikely to be major fashion statements, again you can add a fashionable colour to the outfit, without making it look like you have gone over the top. Sometimes less is more, and appears more sophisticated.  

Should you be taking part in a sporting activity wear non-restrictive clothing so you can move with ease. Some sports require particular types of clothes anyway, but comfort is paramount and not too tight as you don’t want the side seams splitting as you run or
cashmere hoodies
jump! You might also want to shop for hoodies to put on afterwards for warmth during the cooler months.



For chilly or rainy days layering is important to keep you warm and dry. You can choose vest tops, jumpers or cardigans made of lots of different fabrics, including cashmere for luxurious comfort when the temperatures start dropping.

When the weather gets hot and humid it is best to wear clothes that are light in colour to keep cool. Stick to whites and pastels to keep your temperature cool when it gets really hot. You can also opt for sleeveless tops to beat the heat, but be prepared to pair it up with a cardigan if the weather changes quickly.

So when you are out shopping, keep these tips in mind to guarantee you have the right clothing for a particular activity or season.


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