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Posted on March 27 2017

Pink summertime poncho

Whatever your age or shape it has to be said that a loose flowing, well designed poncho gives you the look and feel of fashionable elegance: not always an easy task! So what should we look for to achieve the best appearance? The basic poncho style is a rectangular shape with a wide neck opening that the head slips easily through. It can then be worn in several ways according to your height and body length. You can have the long sides at the front, the side or off centre. The pictures below show a variety of poncho styles by I Love Cashmere, these lovely illustrations have been created in collaboration with artist and fashion illustrator Alison Hansen.

pink cashmere poncho

The poncho has evolved now and comes in various guises. The material a poncho is made from will affect the drape. Traditionally ponchos have been knitted in wool but as the style has become more popular globally ponchos can be found in anything from cotton to luxuriously soft cashmere and many blended yarns.

These options mean the poncho is no longer confined to being worn in the winter as lightweight, shorter versions can be popped over a t-shirt or top, not for always for added warmth but often as a fashion statement. Ponchos can be worn as an alternative to a coat, jumper or cardigan, so they are extremely useful and versatile. So what sort of style and uses can a poncho have?

Everyday Style: Ponchos can be rather more interesting than a coat or mac. If you are doing the school run and haven't had time in the morning to sort your wardrobe out properly, a poncho popped on with a pair of jeans and a dab of lipstick will still have you looking stunning quickly and in a good way!

Whether you are just going to the local supermarket or going shopping in the city a well shaped poncho will have you looking and feeling great! If you are going out with friends for coffee or a pub lunch you can go out knowing you look fabulous. You can add a hat, gloves, neck warmer or scarf if the weather is chilly and if the weather is warm find a lightweight poncho, pop on top of your outfit and just add sunglasses!

cowl neck poncho

Work Style: Arrive at work and meetings in a stylish poncho and look fashionable and savvy! If you travel a lot in the course of your work a poncho will be a wonderful blessing, keeping you warm and smart, yet so comfortable as you are in and out of seat belts, up and down escalators and stairs, in and out of planes, trains and taxis – whatever!

If you tend to wear dark colours for work a striking coloured poncho will be a good contrast – but of course keeping it business like. Whilst we love a bright pink for contrast, fun and impact if you are going to a serious meeting a silvery grey, blue, deep plum or purple may be a better choice.

Fashionable Style: We can all love and suit a poncho - it is just about finding the right one for your height and shape. Small people need a shorter length one, or quite high heels. Tall and long legged people can wear long versions with ease. The drape is important, so find one that has some movement and flow to get the most flattering look. A plain coloured, well cut poncho is a fail safe option of choice.

Embroidery or a pattern can add something interesting to your garment but make sure any patterning is not something you'll go off quickly especially if your poncho is expensive. Stripes and checks may look great on the poncho itself but could be less than flattering especially on smaller people, so take a selfie when you're trying it on and send it to someone you trust for an honest opinion. If you love a bit of faux fur then try adding a neck wrap to dress it up. Tassels may be all the rage now but may be out of vogue next year so consider these things.

hooded poncho

Sophisticated Style: If you are wanting to look stylish for a trip to the theatre, a meal out etc. you can look and feel fabulous in the right poncho.

You can have one purely as outer wear and take it off on arrival, or find a suitable weight one to wear all evening. You can also select a poncho with an open front which can be easily removed if you get a little on the warm side! 

The fabric will really determine how sophisticated you look and feel and super soft and lightweight cashmere has to be the fabric of choice to achieve this.

For cold weather you will need something to keep you warm. Wool will  do this of course but remember the weight will be heavier than 100% pure cashmere. Also wool tends to pill and it is hard to remove these, whereas cashmere will pill (bobble) less but if it does get rubbed and pills need to be removed you can easily do this by hand and it will look like new again.

For summer style you can compromise by finding some blended options such as cotton and silk, cashmere with silk, and/or cotton, or merino wool in small amounts. If you find one with a low amount of cashmere (up to 15% for summer) this will enable the garment to have that added softness and touch of luxury that cashmere addicts hanker after.




Holiday Style: We all want to relax whatever type of holiday we are taking. Travelling to your final destination can often be tiring and stressful so having a lovely soft poncho to
Blue summer poncho
wear or even fold up and use as a neck rest/pillow is a must.

It is probably a good idea to use a woollen poncho for travelling, ideally 100% cashmere for the ultimate luxury! Any creases will fall out and it can go from pillow to poncho in the blink of an eye.

Whether you are skiing, on a cruise or in and out of a pool all the time, it is lovely to have something so comfy yet fashionable to pop on at the end of the day.

If you are out sight seeing or on a city break and it gets a little chilly a poncho is perfect to have with you.

Select your ponchos according to your needs, the weather and of course your budget. Try and have one made from good quality cashmere for winter. Owning a few ponchos makes sense as they offer practicality as well as helping you to feel and look stylish whilst getting on with your life.

If you are new to the general poncho style we suggest you go out with haste or get online and get shopping! Try several on and find your own poncho style to adore.

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