Asymmetrical Pure Cashmere Poncho

New Asymmetrical Cashmere Ponchos in Pink, Lilac, Blue, Black, Grey

£180.00 GBP

Silver Lilac
Carnation Pink
Powder Blue
Light Ash
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This poncho has a wide neck opening which once on can be turned to position the garment any which way you want, either just to suit your body shape, what you are wearing underneath, or purely because you want a slightly different look to yesterday! This garment offers style, luxury, lightness of weight, warmth, practicality and flexibility.

Sizing: One size fits most people. Measures 28" (width) x 26" (length)  71 x 66 cms folded.

Composition:100% cashmere 2 ply yarn

Features: Our Little Pasha goat embroidery is positioned in a base corner. Carnation Pink, Powder Blue, Silver Lilac, Light Ash and Fawn are embroidered to match the garment and Black and Charcoal both have a grey embroidery.

Colours: Silver Lilac is a very very pale shade - like a silvery white with a hint of lilac. It is quite gorgeous! Carnation Pink is a lovely bright but medium tone pink, and powder blue is also a bright medium tone. Fawn is a very soft and gentle beige and is so much prettier than beige! Light Ash is a soft silvery grey. Black and Charcoal are self explanatory.

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