Hooded Cashmere Poncho

Hooded Cashmere Poncho in Purple and Silver Lilac

£230.00 GBP

Silver Lilac
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If you are looking for a gorgeous soft cashmere poncho style coat then this hooded version brings the practicality and style you need! Why have the restriction that a tight fitting coat brings when you can have the soft flowing movement that brings elegance and comfort as well as being bang on trend. 

Sizing: 1 size fits normal size 8 - 16

Colours: Potpourri and Silver Lilac

Composition: 100% Pure Cashmere 2 ply yarn.

Features: Little Pasha Goat in corner base left - colour matching garment.

Care: Hand wash or use hand wash setting on machine. Low spin 600. Do not tumble dry.

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